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Timing System Fundraiser for Boys Track

Hello, my name is Mike Dow. I am the Head Boys Track & Field Coach at Lakewood HS. We do a lot of Fundraising to support our team and our  goals each year. This year we are looking to purchase this automatic timing system. This system will allow us to measure each athlete’s progress during practices and provide us Coaches with detailed information and data that we would not otherwise be able to gather during our invaluable training sessions. 

As a Staff, we continue to look at any avenue/resource we can find to better our Student/Athletes here at Lakewood HS. This system would add to our vast resources that we have purchased with previous fundraising efforts, one of which is our 10’ x 20’ Canopy Tent with walls. This was purchased about 4 years ago after many Fundraisers. It has proved invaluable during our last few Spring Seasons here in Northeast Ohio.  


I am hoping to gather support from the Lakewood Ranger Family and beyond, to help us reach our goal of purchasing this very valuable instrument to further our training at both the High School level and throughout the Track and Field program here in the Lakewood City Schools. Any support would be extremely appreciated.


Thanks for your continued support of our Student/Athletes here at Lakewood High School. Go RANGERS !!!!!

- Coach Mike Dow


Questions? Contact Coach Dow

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