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$20 Donation per Square!

There are 63 games, which means 63 chances to win AND there is no limit on times you can win! Winners for each game are determined by the last digit of the final team score. For example, if the final score is 74-66 and your square digits are 4 for winner’s score and 6 for the loser’s score then you win!

First Round - March 16-17

Second Round - March 18-19

Sweet Sixteen - March 23-24

Elite Eight - March 25-26

Final Four - April 1

NCAA Championship - April 3

Last day to purchase Tuesday March 14th

PAYOUTS (Total Payout of $1000)

  • 1st Round-64 teams, 32 games - $10/game

  • Sweet Sixteen, 8 games - $20/game

  • Final 4, 2 games - $40/game

  • 2nd Round-32 teams, 16 games - $15/game

  • Elite Eight, 4 games - $25/game

  • NCAA Championship, 1 game - $100

If a game is cancelled for any reason, the winnings will go to the LHS Girls Track & Field program.


The game board with names and last digit score numbers will be emailed to the purchased emails prior to the first game. If you do not receive the email, be sure to provide your email address with your payment so we can send you the game board.

All square names and payments must be received by midnight on March 14th to be entered to win.


If you have any questions, please contact Coach Toole at Stephanie.toole@lakewoodcityschools or Jason at

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