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Athletic Booster Membership 2023-2024

Thank you to all our Members for the current school year. Through your efforts and contributions, Lakewood City Schools can offer an extensive range of Athletic Programs at very low fees to over 1,200 athletes at our High School and Middle Schools. 

Lakewood Athletic Boosters

(last updated 2/23/2023)

Star Level

The Verderber Family

Ranger Level

The Therrien Family
Homewood Drive
The Swift Family
The Jablonowski Family
The Dolan Family


Purple Level

Stahlheber - Burgoyne
The Purcell Family
The Bangert Family
The Gowan Family
The Mikuluk's
Kelly & Kristopher Payne
Starr Family
Rachel & Pat McGann
The Taylor Family
The Hoy Family
The Federico Family
The Andreani Family
The Burke Family
Valerie & John Garcia
The Fraunfelder Family


Gold Level

The Daso Family
The O'Connor-Heckler Family
The Elyko Family
Dave & Megan Henrikson
Greg & Lisa Horton
The Hammond Allen Family
The Markling Family
Majeski and Auk Family
Mark & Margaret Walter
The Beisel-Scherer Family
Tom and Megan M McGann
Mike & Michelle Coleman
Joe Lobozzo & Peggy Sammon
The Marich Family
Sarah & Matthew Winters
Steve & Roseann LaDue


Family Members

The Thompson Family
The McAlvey Family
Dineen Fam
Ken & Chris Boyer
Will & Cindy Costello
The Fulmer Family
Emily & Andy Marvin
The Comer Family
The Constantine Family
Jessica and Darren Moncrief
The Watts Family
Katie & Cotton Phillips
Katie & Kevin Potoczak
Altstadt Family
Kelly Carroll & Maureen Greeves
Aric & Kirstin Craciun
The Humphreys Family
Kristen & Matt Moran
Joe and Kristin Bower
The Germaine Family
The Jaissle Family
The Kavc Family
The Maxwell Family
Mary & Martin Dunne
Meredith Wojtkun
The Callahan Family
The Burns Family
Sherri & Ron Tamunday
The Jarecke Family
The Hirsch Family
Sandoval Family
Vince & Cathy Frantz


Individual Members

Adam Swiat Family
The Lajack Family
Trish Hendy
Dave Hille
The Hart Family
Smith Family
Joe & Jenny Beno
Joy Morgan
Lara Lillibridge
Laurie Klasa
Leslie Favre Krogman
Mary Beth Salem Moore
Matthew Heslep
Maureen & John Dowell
NewCastle Roofing & Remodeling Dave Hille
Patricia N Barley
The Magda Family
The Sedlak Family
Sharon & Chris Mathaios
Sayre Family
Terry Spilker
Yakoob Badat
Yousko Family

Coach Members

John Stalzer
Julie Work
Mike Dow
Stephanie Toole

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