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Booster Bucks

Volunteers for Lakewood Athletic Booster fundraiser activities that help us reduce the athletic fees required for High School and Middle School athletics can earn Booster Bucks to further reduce their own fees.

How it works...

Each Student Athlete will have their own Booster Bucks Account and your volunteer time will earn Booster Bucks for towards their fees. 

Booster Bucks are earned for one of your Student Athletes each time you volunteer for qualifying Booster Volunteer Activities:

Volunteer Activity & Booster Bucks Earned

  • Concession Stand: $2.50 per hour

  • Booster Meetings: $5 per meeting

  • Stand Manager for a Season: $75

  • Team Parent for a Season: $75

  • Night at the Races Committee: $75

How to Earn Booster Bucks from Concessions

1. Volunteer to work Concessions at an athletic event
2. Sign in at the concession stand when you arrive.
3. Specify the Name & Graduation Year of your Student Athlete
4. Sign Out when you leave your shift.

Each time you work you earn $2.50 per hour of Booster Bucks for your Student Athlete!


How to apply Booster Bucks to your child's Athletic Fees

When Athletic Fees are due for High School or Middle School athletics, contact the LHS Book Room to request that Booster Bucks for your Student Athlete are applied before paying.

Contact the Book Room
7:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Phone: 216-529-4047

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Booster Bucks does my Athlete have currently?

Request the Booster Bucks balance for your Student Athlete by emailing

Can I transfer Booster Bucks from one kid to another?

Yes - you can transfer hours from one of your kids to another by emailing It must be a student in your household.


Can I help a family in need?

Yes - you can leave the Student Athlete blank when you volunteer and your hours will go towards a Student Athlete in need. This will be determined by the LHS Guidance Dept.

Does volunteering for Team Fundraisers earn Booster Bucks?

No - the Team Fundraisers go directly to your child's team fund to be used by the coach. These activities do not reduce athletic fees.

Do I have to be a Member of the Lakewood Athletic Boosters to earn Booster Bucks?

No - However you will need to be a current Member when you REDEEM your Booster Bucks to help cover your child's athletic fees. This way you can earn hours over elementary years prior to their middle school and high school years when fees are due.

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