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The Ranger Shop at Lakewood High School

The Lakewood Athletic Boosters operates the retail store within the Lakewood High School and online store. Items are developed by volunteer members of the Merchandise Committee and are printed locally with vendors in Lakewood. The District Book Room staff can process sales during the school day but Ms Williams does not handle inventory, online orders or general customer service. Please contact for questions. 

The store is not a fundraiser per se but must run in the black at all times. Items are priced to cover the cost of printing and inventory and related overhead. 

Ranger Shop Hours

M-F school days only 7:30am - 3pm

Thursdays 4pm-6pm most school weeks

Special events

Lakewood High School
14100 Franklin Blvd Door #32
Lakewood, Ohio

Online Orders are prepared and buyers notified for pickup mostly on Thursdays during the school year.

Contact the Ranger Shop and Booster Merch Committee at

Who runs this store?

The Lakewood Athletic Booster volunteers operate this online store and the Ranger Shop at LHS. All suppliers are local Lakewood suppliers and printers.

How can I see what is in stock?

The online store will show real time inventory for each item. If you see that an item is out of stock, then it is out of stock. Items may be re-stocked but not guaranteed.

Is this a fundraiser?

Any proceeds benefit Lakewood Youth and High School Athletics however the store is generally run to stay in the black so that other fundraising isn't required to keep the store open. 

Do staff get discounts?

In store purchases have Staff and Student discounts. No discounts online.

Any questions email

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