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Parent volunteers help make our sports programs a complete experience for our student athletes, families and fans. Volunteering your time is the easiest way to support the programs and your efforts are rewarded with Booster Bucks which can be used to pay down athletic fees for your athlete. 

In order to earn Booster Bucks toward your student athlete's Pay to Participate fee, you must be a current member of the Lakewood Athletic Boosters. You will receive $2.50 in Booster Bucks for each hour you volunteer in the Concession Stands, the Ranger Shop or help at Stand Set-up. If you attend a booster meeting, you will earn double the Booster Bucks for each hour you attend!

Earning Booster Bucks

Parents of Seniors: You must volunteer at least 15 hours before March 1st of your athletes senior year for your athlete to be considered for an Athletic Booster Scholarship. You must also be a current member of the Athletic Boosters.

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