Concessions for Winter Sports is currently in discussion. If we have basketball, swim or wrestling we may have limited concessions open to 1 or 2 people in the stand with masks and PPE. 

Check back later for updates. 

In order to earn Booster Bucks toward your student athlete's Pay to Participate fee, you must be a current member of the Lakewood Athletic Boosters. You will receive $2.50 in Booster Bucks for each hour you volunteer in the Concession Stands, the Ranger Shop or help at Stand Set-up. If you attend a booster meeting, you will earn double the Booster Bucks for each hour you attend!

Parents of Seniors: You must volunteer at least 15 hours before March 1st of your athletes senior year for your athlete to be considered for an Athletic Booster Scholarship. You must also be a current member of the Athletic Boosters.

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