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Team Funds Forms

Coaches and Booster Reps follow the procedures set for Depositing and Requesting Funds for each Teams' Account. Balances for all accounts are emailed to all Coaches and Booster Reps monthly by the Boosters Treasurer.

All Team Fundraisers must be approved by the Athletic Director and Boosters prior to promoting the event or program. 

Apply here to create your fundraiser event or program.

Request for Team Funds

No funds will be disbursed unless there is enough money in the team account to cover the disbursement. Requests must be emailed to and Head Coach and Booster Rep CC'd.


All Requests for Funds need to have:
  • Copies of Invoice from the Vendor

  • Copies of ALL receipts if for reimbursement 

  • Checks will generally be issued within 2 weeks unless there is an emergency purchase and if so that needs to be noted on the request.

  • Completed Request for Funds form with name and address of the party to be paid. 

Depositing Team Funds

  • Checks should be made payable to “Lakewood Athletic Boosters” and endorsed on the back “For Deposit Only”

  • All money collected needs to be deposited directly at First Federal of Lakewood and should have a Funds Deposit Form included with deposit (download here)

  • First Federal of Lakewood has a night deposit drop in the back of the bank at the corner of Detroit and Cook. This drop is open during bank hours as well so you don't need to enter the bank if you prefer not to.


Send a copy of the Deposit form confirming deposit has been made to

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