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Booster Rep Guide & FAQ

Booster Reps play a vital role in each sport by aiding the Head Coach and helping provide the support each team needs beyond what is covered by the Athletic Department. Through your help, the Head Coach can focus on player development and competing.


Each high school varsity sport must have one Booster Rep active each school year. Booster Reps should have sophomore or junior active player on the team that year. A Booster Rep can serve multiple years but will aid in identifying and training incoming reps from the current freshman class. For the season/sport where a Booster Rep is active, the Athletic Fee ($75) for that season for one player will be waived.


Appointment & Athletic Fees

Head Coach must appoint the Booster Rep for the year prior to the start of the school year. Fees for this Booster Rep for the season will be waived by the Athletic Department.

Roles & Responsibilities

The two main jobs of the Booster Rep is to help manage the Team Funds account for the Team and coordinate Booster support for Team Fundraisers, Concessions or any other ways Booster resources can be used to grow the program for each individual sport. 


#1 Team Funds

  1. Approve Team Fund expenses (instructions and Team Funds Forms here) and ensure that expenses do not exceed the balance of the Team Fund.

  2. Track and document Team Fundraising/donations and follow cash handling procedures at in-person Team Fundraising events. (instructions and Team Funds Forms here)

  3. Review Team Funds Statement (provided by Boosters)


#2 Volunteer Coordination

Concessions is the primary source of funding for each team's season athletic expenses (supplies, equipment, etc) and the biggest factor in keeping our athletic fees low! Each team will be assigned a range of concessions dates to provide volunteers. These dates will be determined by the Boosters Volunteer Director and the Athletic Director and established at the beginning of each sports season. Sign Up Genius will be created for each season for you to send folks to sign up. 


  1. Aid head coach to recruit a specified number of volunteers for each concessions assigned to your team

  2. Encourage parents to become a member of the Lakewood Athletic Boosters but they do not have to be members to volunteer.

  3. Communicate with Boosters any changes or volunteer shortages

NOTE Activities NOT required of the Booster Rep:

  • Team Meals

  • Fundraiser Planning

  • Senior Night

  • Social Media

  • Team Parent

Other activities like Team Meals, Fundraiser planning, photos, social media, etc can be handled by other parent volunteers and committees and are not part of the Booster Rep responsibilities. The Booster Rep is free to be involved in or lead any team activities as much as they are able to give but these activities are not part of the Booster Rep responsibilities. Each team can have their own set of parents, team parent(s), committees etc but only one official Booster Rep will be required for each year. 

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