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Concessions Director

Part Time Hourly + Commission

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Concessions Director (Director) oversees and manages the operation of retail/concessions points of sale at Lakewood City Schools (LCS) concession stands operated by the Lakewood Athletic Boosters. The Director facilitates efficient fan customer service in the areas of concession sales, retail sales of merchandise, and game day coordination with LCS operations staff, coaches, opposing coaches, officials.

Roles & Responsibilties

Direct & Manage Concessions

  • Oversee operations of 3-4 LSC concession stands for 3 academic sports seasons plus special events throughout the summer season.

  • Facilitate menu and item selection and pricing on a seasonal basis to respond to demand and ensure profitability.

  • Work with Booster Purchasing to help determine sourcing, manage supplies and food item levels according to demand for each season

  • Collaborate with Booster Corresponding Sec to determine volunteer needs and prepare sign up slots for Parent Volunteers

  • Work with Booster Board to identify and train individual Stand Manager volunteers for each stand/sport per season.

  • Work with Booster Merchandising VP to ensure retail merchandise visibility, sales at concession stands.

Day to Day Responsibilties

  • Ensure proper levels of supplies/items are available for standard concessions operations

  • Training Stand Managers and Volunteers on basic stand opening and closing procedures, cash register operation, food preparation, cleaning

  • Training Stand Managers on Cash Drawer/POS opening and closing procedures, end of event cash deposit creation

  • Work closely with Lakewood Athletic Department and High School Principal for LCS home game schedule games and events.

  • Work directly with Lakewood Rec Dept on Non-LCS events requiring concessions (ie St. Eds, Cobra Football, Little Southwest Football,  Hosted Tournaments)

  • Attend and manage large scale events (all varsity level football games, Band Fest, 4+ school track meets, multi-sport events, tournaments, multi-stand events)

  • Fill in for Stand Managers if backup stand manager is unavailable

  • Manage Stand Manager schedules

  • Coordinate volunteer help from Booster members to move, stock, set up stands for events, major cleaning, seasonal closing and opening

  • Communicate with LCS Staff (Custodians, Operations) on equipment status, needs, safety concerns, maintenance requests

  • Help create Concession P/L Reports with Booster Treasurer and Bookkeeper for Booster Meetings


  • Experience with concession stands, retail points of sale

  • Volunteer management, labor projections based on historical data

  • Strong organizational, problem-solving and analytical skills: ability to manage priorities and workflow

  • Ability to deal effectively with a diverse set of individuals, parents, coaches, members at all organizational levels.

  • Understanding of and commitment to Lakewood Athletic Booster’s mission.

Additional Skills Needed for the job

  • Proficiency in Excel, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Drive and database management.

  • Digital payment and cash register systems (Square POS, Clover, etc)

Compensation & Hours

  • Concession Event hourly rate of $15 per hour (working/managing the stands in person)

  • 15% Commission on Profits over $20,000 per year

  • Reports to Lakewood Athletic Booster Board President

  • Hours may vary, depending on sports season and number of events scheduled in a week. Expect to work 15 – 20 hours/week, including evenings and occasional weekends. Must be able to lift 50 pounds.

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