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$25 Per Square 


Payouts (per board)

  • Final Four Games

    • $100 Half (2 winners)

    • $150 Final (2 winners) 

  • Championship Game

    • $200 Halftime Score (1 winner)

    • $300 Final Score (1 winner)


Download Squares

How it works

This is a fundraiser with money going to Lakewood Girls Track Team after winner payouts! After all the squares on a board have all been sold, the numbers will be RANDOMLY assigned 0-9 across the top and side. The same numbers will be used for the Final Four (Apr 6,) ending in the Championship on April 8.

The last digits of the final score of each team of each game will be used to determine the winning squares. The numbers across the top of the grid will represent the WINNING Teams.   The numbers down the left side of the grid will represent the LOSING Teams.


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