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Help us fund new Team Tents!

As we all know, Ohio Fall and Spring weather is often rainy, cold & windy. The Lakewood High School Cross Country & Track teams are seeking donations for two new team tents for our athletes to store their gear & protect from the elements as they huddle before/after cross country and track meets. Our old team tent is small, badly faded & has no side panels for protection or privacy. 

Opposing schools bring their own branded tent during the season and we want to show up at meets with pride! We have chosen a high quality MADE IN AMERICA company E-Z Up with the BEST reviews in the industry. A 7-year warranty helps ensure that current AND future runners have durable tents to be proud of! 


The tents will be equipped with removable side panels, see through end caps for discrete visibility & a rolling bag for easy transport to/from our meets. This is a LONG TERM PURCHASE that will last our teams years down the road. Rather than buy new cheaply made tents year after year, we want to purchase durable safe tents to protect the kids & their gear while rocking our school colors & name!

Thank you!

Cross Country Coach Swiat

Cross Country Coach Moore

Girls Track Coach Toole


Old Tent


Make a Donation of $50 and receive 4 tickets to the Ranger Relays Track Meet this spring!


Questions? Contact Coach Swiat

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