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Grab your fancy hats (or masks in 2020) and join us for the most exciting two minutes in sports….


Cheer on the 146th running of the Kentucky Derby as well as your favorite horse in the race and help raise funds for the LHS Volleyball Program!

Ticket Gate CLOSED
How it works:
  1. Purchase a horse from your favorite volleyball player online for $20 a horse – based on how many tickets are sold, there will be at least 12 boards (more can be added). 1st place winner gets $180* per board.  

  2. Last place horse of each board will get their $20 returned.

  3. If you buy multiple horses, your entries will be spread out over multiple boards. 

  4. If a horse scratches, entries will be shifted to the next open board.  A new board will be created if needed and *prize amount will be shifted by the number of horses in the race.

  5. Entries accepted through Friday, September 4th @ 8:30 pm.  Horses will be drawn on Friday after close of entries.  Entries will be thrown into a hat, horses will be assigned randomly.

  6. Each board will be posted individually with entries on the event FB page.

  7. 1st place and last place prizes will be provided to the student that sold the ticket on the Tuesday practice after the race.


Additional questions can be addressed to Katie Potoczak or Laura Bunevich.

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